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SPACE WARS 3D Screensaver 1.5

SPACE WARS 3D Screensaver 1.5

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SPACE WARS 3D Screensaver Publisher's Description

For millenia the human race lived on a small planet called Earth in an almost constant state of war. They believed they were enlightened, and above violent conflicts for no good reason, and yet their small world was never without war at any point in their history. They fought over such trivial matters as religion, money, and ice cream flavours. No excuse seemed too small for the humans to go to war over.

But above all else, they fought over land. Despite the fact that they killed each other so often, they still managed to breed to the point of mass overpopulation of their little world. So eventually, they had to leave.

And leave they did, forgetting their ravaged world and spreading across the galaxy like a plague. There was so much space for them to live in that they simply ran out of reasons to fight and for the first time in human history they were truly at peace.

Then the invaders came.

An unknown alien force who decided the human race had no right to occupy so much space. Space that they had claimed as their own many centuries earlier. The humans were unlike them, they did not speak their language or share their beliefs, so the aliens did not see any reason to negotiate. The space the humans occupied was their's, so they had to be removed.

Humankind's newfound peace came to an end, and they finally combined to become one united force ready to face their new common enemy.

So once more, war began...

I seriously can't believe how long it's been since I was able to do an update to this screensaver. It's still my all time favourite, and I spend more time watching it than actually working most of the time. From the feedback I've had, I'm not the only one!

So here, finally, is another update. I've added some of the stuff I wanted to do from the start, and fulfilled some requests. So some ships can now fire missiles, or torpedoes, and some ships can have cloaking devices. There's also bigger explosions, come camera changes, and lots of other little stuff.

At the moment the cloaking devices are pretty much restricted to the new fleet in the story, the Pirate Insurgents of Rigel 8. They're a sneaky bunch, hence the cloaking devices. See the website to check out all the new ships, and the extension to the story.

There's also loads of other fleets available from outside the story, so if you haven't checked before, what are you waiting for??? Head to the website right now!

I love this one, but I can't spend the time I'd like on it because not that many people have registered for the full version. The time spent working on it, and the costs involved, mean I can't keep working on it if you don't register. So register now! Tell your friends to register! Then we can all enjoy it!


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